Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Preparation for this years Haga Jog:

1. Go to bed early. An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two afterwards.
2. Dress properly, shorts and a light, (sleeveless) top, hairbands,
    good socks and shoes that fit.
3. Eat a very good breakfast.
    Lots of bread would be good but not too many grains.
4. Drink enough water (a good sign is when your pee is clear).
5. Pack enough water for the run and also after the run.
    (1L would be a good amount but you be the judge.)
6. Bring food you can eat easily during the run...
     bananas, fruit, dried fruit provide instant sugars you can use.
7. Swimming gear- togs, towel, homemade water guns?

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